New Website Launch!

Operation Phantom Support is proud to announce the launch of our new website! We've been working hard to improve our site, making it easier for our supporters to find the information they need. One of the biggest changes we're introducing is this blog, which will be used to spread the word on all our newest fundraisers and events. 

Along with this blog, we have a huge list of new changes coming to our website. These changes include:

•An Updated Look

•A New Events Calendar


•A Newsletter Sign Up

•An Updated List of Our Programs

•An Updated List of Our Partners

We've gotten a lot of feedback from our supporters since our last website update, and have been taking notes on what you guys would like to see. One of the biggest things we've received feedback about is our website's overall flow and look. So for this update, we've completely revamped how you navigate our site. Our menu at the top has been simplified, and we've gone through and reorganized all of our upcoming fundraisers and events into a slider at the top of our page, making it easy to tell what's going on at any time.

Going along with this, we've also updated our Events page. Now, you're able to see exactly when we update our Program events, meaning that you can always check to see if our Pantry will be open or if we are hosting a new event from one of our other programs. We've also added both an FAQ section and a Newsletter sign up which, combined with our updated Events page, means that our supporters will never be out of the loop.

And finally, we've updated our Programs and Partners pages. For our Programs page, we've simplified EVERYTHING, giving each of our different programs its own dedicated spot and adding both a description and way to get involved for each one. This way, you never have to go hunting for information, because it's always right there – and if you still have questions, we've probably already answered them in an FAQ. Our Partners have now been moved to their own page as well, and like our Programs, each has a dedicated spot where people can learn about them and how they work with us to keep our non-profit running.

We hope you enjoy our new site!