Operation Phantom Support partners with TexStar Automotive to provide discounted car repairs. For a comprehensive overview of how to qualify for Monkey Wrench, please read through the following information BEFORE you have any work done to your car.

*Donations are not required to use our Services, which include the Nancy Miller Food Pantry, but you must be an Active Duty, Honorable Veteran, or First Responder


Monkey Wrench partners with Tex-Star Automotive in order to provide assistance repairing the cars of our active duty, veteran, and first responder families.

Once you fill out the following form, you will be contacted by someone from our team, and then asked to take the car to Tex-Star Automotive (3612 E Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen, TX) for an estimate. DO NOT have work started BEFORE you contact us, as that will disqualify you from the program.

After the estimate, we will review the cost and determine if if fits within our budget. If it does, you will be contacted by us and asked to provide your portion of the estimate. We will then call Tex-Star to authorize work to begin. After the work is complete, we will pay the full bill and you will be able to pick up your vehicle.

If at any time Tex-Star Automotive contacts you with more concerns separate from the original estimate, that is between you and Tex-Star. We will not be responsible for additional payments different from the original estimate.


To qualify for this program, the following requirements must be met:
• You must be an active duty service member or veteran with an honorable discharge. You must provide a current end-of-month LES if active duty or DD214, or other proof of honorable discharge.
• This must be your PRIMARY transportation. It cannot be a second car or a project car.
• We have a limited budget for this program, and your repair cost must fall within this budget.

*If your estimate is over $1,000, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis.