The Phantom Corps and our Adopt a Hero program go hand-in-hand, and are essential in supporting all that we do for our community. By becoming a supporter, you gain priority access to all our other donation-based programs, such as Operation Phantom Cakes, Monkey Wrench, Re-Supply, and Toys for Troops.

*Donations are not required to use our Services, which include the Nancy Miller Food Pantry, but you must be an Active Duty, Honorable Veteran, or First Responder



The Phantom Corps is where Operation Phantom Support comes together with our community to not only help ourselves, but to ensure we can continue providing service to our brothers and sisters in arms, whether they be an Active Duty Member, a Veteran, or a First Responder. Through your recurring donations, we are able to not only keep our programs and services active and open, but we're also able to keep expanding the types of support we can provide. This is why the Phantom Corps is essential to our Mission, and we deeply appreciate your support.

To join the Phantom Corps, just fill out the following form. Our requested donation is $20 per month. This ensures that we're able to continue providing support to our community, through all of our programs and services.

*Donations are not required to use the Nancy Miller Food Pantry


By submitting this form and joining the Phantom Corps, you are committing to a minimum 12-month donation agreement. Your monthly donation allows us to budget our programs and maximize our ability to give back to our community. You are not obligated to donate for the entire 12-month period, but if you back out of your commitment you will no longer be eligible to use our programs until your 12-month commitment would have been reached.

If for any reason you need to cancel prior to the end of your 12-month commitment, this will end your participation in the Phantom Corps. After 12 months have passed, you can cancel at any time with no restrictions on renewing. To stop or cancel your donation, follow this link. All cases not meeting the 12-month criteria will be taken under consideration at our discretion.

Your account is automatically cancelled if your card does not process two months in a row, and you then fall under the same cancellation requirement as if you did not meet your 12-month commitment.

We cannot achieve our Mission without you. OPS at its core is an organization that allows soldiers and veterans to help each other. We thank you for your support, and look forward to our continued partnership with our community!


*Donations are NOT required to use the Nancy Miller Food Pantry, but you must have filled out this form.