Phantom Corps

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What It Is

Our Phantom Corps program is essential in gathering funds and support for our mission and other donation-based programs.

How It Works

To sign up and become a supporter, it's as easy as filling out the sign up form on the right.

Our needed donation is $20 per month, which ensures we're able to continue providing support to our community through all of our programs. If you would like to donate more to our cause, please feel free to donate as much as you like.


By filling out this form, you are committing to a minimum 12-month donation agreement to become a member of our Phantom Corps. Your monthly donation allows us to budget our programs, and to maximize our ability to give back to our community.

If for any reason you need to cancel prior to the end of your 12-month commitment, this will end your participation in Phantom Corps. After 12 months you can cancel at any time, with no restrictions on renewing. To stop or cancel your donation, you must email us at with the name on your account and the last four numbers on the card used at signup. All cases not meeting the 12-month criteria will be taken under consideration at our discretion.

Your account is automatically cancelled if your card does not process 2 months in a row, and you then fall under the same cancelation requirement as if you did not make your 12-month commitment.

We cannot do this without you. This nonprofit is about Soldiers and Veterans helping Soldiers and Veterans!

Phantom Corps Sign Up

Fill out the following form to sign up as a member of our Phantom Corps. For any questions regarding the Phantom Corps, please feel free to contact us at

Agreement of the COMMITMENT TERMS listed before this form

Thank you for signing up to become a member of our Phantom Corps! A copy of the information you submitted will be sent to your email, and you will now be asked to make your first donation.

We appreciate your support, and look forward to continuing to serve you and our community.
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