from our community

Andrianna J

They're amazing!! I can not give them enough high praise the things they provide help my family so much they are truly a blessing!! Please go check them out!!

Jessie G

Not just a food bank. The store is great! They have just about everything! And they keep the prices so low their stuff changes all the time. And the money they make helps families. Yes our military needs more places like this everywhere.

Audra F

Love this little place. They always have something I want or need even if they don’t have what I was initially looking for! Knowing I am taking a part in supporting our soldiers and their families makes my heart full.

Jim C

We went to go to the food bank there on a Wednesday. They had just stopped Wednesday services on the food bank, so I was a little dissapoonrd. But they had clothes and appliances and some furniture. In all, a good place.

Aznboi D

This place is a blessing to all active or retired military personnel. Many programs to help any military family.


Love this place. Helpful to find deals at their thrift store. And food pantry has helped us when we were low on funds. They have multiple programs to help soldiers, veterans and civilians.

Terry E

My husband is retired military, and we moved here not having much but the clothes we came with. They registered us that day and gave us an emergency food basket that has lasted for 3 weeks now. We can't thank them enough! God bless them, they are truly Angel's among us!!

Shedrick Hayden

August 20, 2020

This establishment really cares about the soldiers and the community!!