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What We Do & How You Can Help

Our Mission is to assist Soldiers, Veterans, 1st Responders and their families that are in need. We do this by providing programs and services to help them through tough times.

This gets done by our soldiers, veterans and 1st responders each donating $20 a month by joining our Phantom Corps Donors. We always need more support so please consider a donation to help those who are already trying to help themselves by donating to us today!  


Pantry Freezer & Truck Fundraiser

In order to continue providing our community with the weekly pantry, it's critical that we're able to raise the funds to replace our broken freezers and repair our box trucks. During COVID, we're still providing assistance to the military and first responder families in our community. On average, our pantry serves approximately 2,500 families per month, with an average of 625 per week.

Barnard Beef is a local beef cattle company that has generously partnered with us for this fundraiser, and has pledged a matching donation of up to $5,500.

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phantom freelancing

A staffing agency that provides a variety of work-from-home jobs

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centerpoint financial & Counseling

Center Point provides financial assistance and counseling to Veterans and their families. Sign up below to book your appointment.

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Lonestar legal aid

Lonestar provides legal assistance for our active duty and veterans.

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credit repair

OPS and Vylla Home share a common goal of equipping our community members with tools and resources that can provide financial freedom.

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nancy miller food pantry updates

Check back often to see the most recent Pantry updates!

Nancy's quote of the week

"Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

Wm. Shakespeare

2021 Pantry Intake Form

Please download the 2021 Pantry Intake Form, fill it out, and bring it with you to pantry day on Saturday. We'll have a basket for you to place forms in.

2021 pantry intake form

pantry update


more about our mission

We started this organization in 2014 in order to support our Active Duty Members, Honorable Veterans, First Responders, and their Families. With your continued support, we've been able to grow and expand our reach each year.

The phantom corps

Providing support to ourselves, and to each other.

The Phantom Corps is our monthly donor club. While our Services - including the Nancy Miller Food Pantry - are open to the entire community, the following programs are exclusive to our Phantom Corps Members.

Interested in learning more about how our Phantom Corps works? Learn more about each of our individual programs, or check out the page below to read more about our history.

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fundraisers, events, and more

We're involved with many of our community events, and host a wide variety of our own.


Our Supporters are the ones that allow us to continue giving back to our community, which includes all of the different businesses and organizations that partner with us. Check them out below, and support them when you can!

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supporting businesses

In addition to our Partners and Sponsors, we also work with a variety of businesses run by our volunteers and staff. Check them out below, and support them when you can!

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