The phantom corps

Providing support to ourselves, and to each other.

Our mission is to assist Soldiers, Veterans, 1st Responders, and their families in their times of need. One of the main ways we do this is through our monthly donor club, The Phantom Corps.

While our Services (including the Nancy Miller Food Pantry) are open to the entire community, Phantom Corps programs are exclusive to our Phantom Corps members. Membership is $20 per month, and each donation goes towards keeping our doors open and all of our programs and services running.

• Operation Phantom Cakes
• Toys for Troops
• Operation Re-Supply
• Operation Road Warrior
• Operation Monkey Wrench

Read more about each of our Phantom Corps programs below!

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Operation PHantom Cakes

“How sweet it is!”

Monthly donors have access to free birthday cakes for all their children ages 1 through 17 each year!  

A professional baker is in charge of this program, along with volunteers creating wonderful themed cakes. So relax parents and enjoy the party!!!

Toys for troops

Santa's on his way!

This is a program for donors  who have children or  grandchildren ages infant -17

We have a gift program where parents/grandparents can choose from 2 to 4 new gifts per child.

Operation re-supply

This is a program available to our donors to help them get their kids ready for school.

operation road warrior

“Rubber Meets the Road”

As we all know, we should all buy 4 tires at the same time! That being said, OPS can help with this large expense by helping with the cost!

It works like this; Buy 2 tires and we donate up to  $125.00 for the second tire, buy 4 and we donate $250.00

operation monkey wrench

“Don’t Panic! It's probably the battery”

Donors who qualify for this program can get up to $500.00 assistance on their primary vehicle for a mechanical repair on the first 1000.00 of their bill.