The phantom corps

operation phantom cakes

This is our Free Birthday cake program for our Soldier, Veteran and 1st responder children 1-18. This is made possible by all of our $20 donations. This is a program that is used monthly by our Phantom Corp Donors and helps hundreds of families each month. We have a Volunteer baking team that does a fabulous job making these wonderful birthday cakes for our military kids.

operation monkey wrench

This is our Car Repair program and helps soldiers, veterans, and 1st responders save up to half their cost for a car repair. We work directly with two local car repair shops (both veteran owned) to help our Phantom Corp Donors get their vehicles repaired and back on the road and hopefully keep them from getting an AER loan or half to get a payday loan to get their cars repaired. 

operation road warriors

Road Warrior is our tire replacement program where our donors get assistance buying new tires for their vehicles. If they need to buy four new tires, then they are responsible for buying two, and we will also buy two. If they need two new tires, then they buy one and we buy one. There is a limit on the total amount spent so we can stay within our budget. 

operation re-supply

This is our back to school program where we provide Backpacks and school supplies to our donors through donations raised by our monthly donors. Each family that signs up gets a Backpack and supplies for their child based on their school district and grade level they're in.

toys for troops

This is our Christmas toy give away program for our donors. Each family can sign up their children ages 0-18 to get toys for Christmas. Each family normally receives 3-4 toys per child, in addition to stocking stuffers, books, and board games. 


We are working on setting up a program to have pantry groceries delivered to our donors. Check back often for updates!


What is the Phantom Corps?


The Phantom Corps is our donor club. Membership is $20/month, and once you're a member you have free access to all of our programs, which includes Operation Phantom Cakes, Monkey Wrench, Road Warriors, Re-Supply, Toys for Troops, and Phantom Santa. We also offer exclusive events and giveaways to our Phantom Corps members throughout the year.