November 2023 Recap!

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

We've had a busy month here at OPS, from our Phantom Corps programs, to our Food Pantry, to our Thrift Store, and everything else we do. We've met a lot of the goals we set for the month, and have been able to continue supporting our community because of it.

In the beginning of the month, we set out to gain 25 new monthly supporters, working towards out total goal of 1,000 new supports, and we were able to not only meet that goal, but exceed it! We ended November with 32 new monthly supporters, If we can continue on this track into the new year, we will be able to reopen and expand our Phantom Corps and Community Services! We wouldn't be able to continue our mission without everyone's support, and we're thankful for everyone who donates!

Your support directly impacts the people we serve. Here's what you're donation has been able to achieve for the month of November: 

• We had 2,789 individuals come through our Food Pantry
• Including family members, this comes out to 11,179 people fed for the month of November
• We had a record breaking number of people come through our November 18th pantry - 711 individuals
• We served 48 families Thanksgiving Meals, in partnership with Hospitality Evangelical Ministries
• We provided 4 free birthday cakes to children through our Op. Phantom Cakes Phantom Support program
• In prep for our Christmas Toy giveaway, we collected enough toys for up to 1,500 children (age 0-18)

Thank you to everyone to continues to support what we do! Our donors, volunteers, and other supports are essential to continuing our mission. We look forward to continuing to serve our community in the following years.

From the Phantom Support Team